Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you are wondering what to wear, here are some of our favourite outfit ideas for you.

The Adventurous Day Date – Sport Jacket

Derivative of its name, the sports jacket was originally worn by a sporting man. As such, it was meant to look more rugged than a suit and a blazer. They are less structured and fitted, providing the ability to layer as well as a wider range of movement. Pleats, arm patches and pockets are all details found on a sports jacket that are meant to serve various functions.

It’s always humid in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on a jacket to impress the lady. A sports jacket can be thrown over t-shirts and chinos for a casual yet stylish look.

Classic British with Modern Twist – Colourful Blazer

Although the classic dinner jacket or tuxedo has been the go-to outfit of choice for men, you can still shake things up by embracing patterns, textures and colours – don’t be afraid to stand out. Ditch the traditional safe colours of black, grey or blue and go with a modern coloured blazer to freshen up a dull outfit.

The Party Date – 3 Piece Peak Lapel Suit

In a peak lapel suit, the tip of the lapel points upwards, standing proud from the collar. It is considered more formal than notched or shawl lapels.

If you are hoping to slim your frame, then you should embrace the fine lines of a peak lapel. The peak lapel creates a more defined V-shape in the front of your jacket, and is a suitable choice for a party or cocktail date.

Romantic Date – Finely Tailored Shirt & Vest

If you are going on a romantic date where a blazer or jacket would make you look overdressed, a finely tailored wrinkle resistant shirt and vest made from the finest cotton will make you look smart even without it. Pair it with a slim fit trousers and you are ready to go on your date.