style notes

Return of the Brown Suit

Not the obvious choice when it comes to a formal suit, but this hue is picking up in popularity. Once seen as drab and granddad fashion, the colour has now made its way to high fashion menswear couture and runways. If you have exhausted all options of navy, grey and black, give the brown suit a shot, bearing these tips in mind:

  • 1. The Fit

    The fit is the most crucial factor when making a suit. Nail the right fit and you can pull off almost anything out of the ordinary.

  • 2. The Shoes

    The key is contrast. Go for several shades lighter or darker than your suits, or even black!

  • 3. The Shirt

    A colour of nature, this hue goes well with a wide range of colours, especially whites, blues and pinks.

  • 4. The Pattern

    More often than not, brown suit fabrics come subtly patterned, and that what looks best! Experiment coordinating patterned shirts with your suit, it’ll help bring out the fine details.