Secret of Ladies Suiting

SECRET OF LADIES SUITING: An unbeatable style widely adapted on the runways in the past 3 years, was the rebirth of power health in women’s wear. It is no secret that it always boils down to the right fit however,  seen in many shows across big and small fashion houses, women’s suits have evolved into modern takes from luxurious fabrics, pastel hues and boyfriend fits to ‘almost nothing but a satin bralette’ underneath. 




For The Go-Getters  

The classic single breasted office look is easy to put together. All you need is an everyday blouse or camisole of your choice and work those pencil skirts to a tee. Bring the outfit up a notch by favouring a laced camiole or a V-neck blouse that spells femininity. The colour? Stick with Charcoal, Black or Navy, these dark colours mean business and they’re easy to play around with accessories. 




The After Parties

If your office allows a little more flexibility, try a Burgundy suit that fits just right on a tapered cut. The warm colour contrasts well with a classic black blouse that’s  good to go after hours with a button or two loose. Fabrics of subtle sheen or lightly contrasted prints are other alternatives to consider while velvet and corduroys are on the rise in popularity. 





I’m A Trendsetter

Going head to head with runways trends and what celebrities are wearing? Forget old school suiting rules and dare to shine in a boxy cut suit. Go double breasted, gold buttons, un tucked boyfriend shirts and sneakers for a street style fusion. The trend here is picking up in the states as well as Asian countries such as Korea. Pro tip; a splash of Korean or Au De Datural make-up finishes the look perfectly. 

Finding the perfect ladies suit is not an easy task but the real secret is to make sure you have the right fit, fabric and a style that you like.
Colour and details are some important elements you would want to consider as it can add a sense of individuality and character to your style
To complete the perfect look, add an matched accessory and versatile type of shoes like a pair of classic ballet pumps or black heels, you can definitely never go wrong with these.