style notes

Selecting a Wedding Tux

Dressing yourself for the biggest day of your life does not have to be a very daunting task. If you are planning any kind of a formal wedding, you would need to get yourself a tux for the big day. That’s pretty much settled. When getting your tux, focus your attention on these details to get the look right.


For a semiformal wedding, you’ll usually want to wear a dark tuxedo with a bow tie, cummerbund or vest optional. For a formal wedding, you can never go wrong with a black tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie or neck tie, pocket square, and a vest. Depending on how traditional the wedding is, you might also consider tailcoats and a cummerbund.


Have one classic, traditional bow tie that matches the satin or grosgrain of the lapel and maybe something a little more daring, too. If it’s a winter event, people might wear a flannel, wool, or cashmere bow tie. In the summer, you might do a different colour silk or something festive.


For pocket squares, we generally do a classic cream or white in a subtly textured fabric like pique or basket weave. In the summer, we might do a white linen pocket square. Having a couple of options at the ready can make it easy to change up your look. Well-shined black dress shoes can replace patent leather ones. And you might just wear them again.