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Suit Styling Tips for the Warm Asian climate

In the past the idea of donning a full suit in Asian countries, mainly South East Asia, seemed inappropriate and was limited mostly to high level professionals in the boardroom. In recent years, we thankful that changing trends have influenced a shift in consumer mind-set and the suit can be seen in a wide range of events. From the office, to weddings and even nightclubs. Though looking absolutely dapper in a suit, the challenge of keeping cool in the garment still challenges many. So we have put together some style tips to help you tackle this heated issue while still keeping your style in check.

  • 1. Fabric

The most crucial aspect is to check that you pick the most appropriate fabric for hot summer suits. Breathability is key. A breathable fabric is one that is loosely weaved, allowing air to flow through thus keeping you cool.

Also, there are a variety of summer suiting fabrics woven light and perfect for our hot climate. Certain types of wool, cotton, linen are just some of the options!

  • 2. Lining

Be sure to go for a half lining for your suits, as opposed to regular full lining which makes the suit less breathable.

  • 3. Cut

Steer clear of restricting silhouettes and opt for the classic 2 or 1 button single breasted coat jackets. If you are feeling bold and have set your sights on a double breasted or 3-piece suit, choosing a very lightly woven fabric is recommended.

  • 4. Accessories to compliment

Be adventurous with your choice of accessories to compliment your summer suit styles. A knitted tie in place of a regular tie, pocket squares, loud socks and even a classic pair of Aviator shades with a straw hat – the possibilities are endless! The best thing about a tropical climate is that you can get away with some colour, patterns and playful experimentation.