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The Fit Guide – Get your suit right!

Very few things in this world look better on a man than a well-tailored suit. For some gentlemen, the suit has been a classic staple that never left the wardrobe while the style-conscious younger men are picking up the suit to embrace the sartorial trend. Whatever your reasons for donning a suit, it won’t work unless it’s done right. Suits are about precision and detail and the mark of a good suit is the fit. Here we list out the areas to look at for an immaculately rendered suit of a perfect fit.

  • 1. The Shoulder

The shoulders of a well fitted suit will always lie smooth and flat, without any wrinkles or divots. The seam and shoulder pad should end exactly where the shoulder meets the arm.

  • 2. The Sleeve Length

The general rule is that about half an inch of shirt cuff should be exposed when the jacket is worn. This of course, is a guideline. What is most important to observe is that the jacket sleeve is not too long that it completely hide the shirt cuff, or too short that the shirt cuff and sleeve seam is made visible. Anywhere between these ends works perfect for the jacket sleeve length.

  • 3. The Jacket Closure

The top button of the suit should always be buttoned when standing in a suit. So it’s essential to perfect this section to flaunt a slim cut figure.

When buttoned, there should not be wrinkles around the jacket buttons. The button should close firmly, but without strain.

  • 4. The Trouser Break

Ideally, your pants should sit nicely above your shoes, with one small dimple crease which is referred to as break. It should not be so long that they bunch over in multiple folds and creases, or so short that its hanging above your shoes with socks exposed. The latter, however, is trending in high fashion and if you feel it’s a style you can pull off with confidence, by all means!